Earthing Sheets, Pillowcases and Accessories Prices

All Sheets and Pillowcases can be purchased through The Global Gypsy Website by clicking this link. It shows New Zealand prices and purchases from this site are converted to Australian $$$ and charged in Australia $. June July 2017 major renovation of website, sorry for this…i am moving to shopify platform
Or just email me and I can always phone you to chat and get your credit card details
Paypal is available

The Global Gypsy will send all products worldwide (please feel ask about international prices, postage and packaging, if you do not reside in Australia). If you live in New Zealand you can purchase with us and you are charged from the Australian office  in Aussie $. Deposits to NZ bank account is possible on enquiry.

(All Prices here are in Australian Dollars).
Half Sheets  90cm by 200cm + 100cm  Aus $125

Tucks across any size bed for leg earthing. They are 90cm by 200cm with extra flaps for tucking under a double, queen or king size mattress.

Small Flat Sheet 90cm x 100cm  Aus $60
Single Flat Sheet 180cm x 210cm Aus $145
Single fitted  90cm x 180cm Aus $140
Double fitted  140cm x 180cm Aus $150

Queen fitted  160cm x 205cm Aus $160

King fitted  180cm x 205cm Aus $170

Recovery Bag for Travellers & Athletes Aus $179

Pillowcase  30 x 70cm Aus $69

Plush Pad/ Pet Bed Aus $85

Universal Mat / Mouse Pad Aus $75

Earthing plug and cable $10  Australian / New Zealand      Included Free

Earthing Stakes $20  – Earthing  rod for gypsies and those off grid, hobbit houses or upstairs. Plugs into GlobalGypsy Earthing Sheets. Comes with free postage for anyone at the time of buying a sheet

English and EU plugs available $10
Postage in Australia for Pillowcases and half sheets is $7.50 for 500grams.
Postage in Australia for fitted sheets is $14  However I usually include a FREE Smile Book, a Reflections Journal or an India Journal to take the sting out of it. You can request which you prefer.

Care of your Earthing Sheets and Pillowcases

They are easy to wash, just unplug and put in washing machine with a basic detergent.It needs a detergent to keep the silver fibres clean and conductive. Do not use chlorines or bleaches, nappy san, or oxy whitening conditioners (Nappy San), softening agents or dry cleaning . Air dry, i.e. Do not use a clothes dryer or if you do use a low heat setting. All of these will ruin the conductivity of silver fibres. Do not use essential oils. I have just tested my daughters pillowcase and found it is not working after a year but she has been using a lot of products in her hair like spraying dry shampoo which has damaged the conductivity whereas the sides of the pillowcase still show they work.